Dual/Triple boot Win XP/Vista/7 with separate drives

I think I may have found the hang, can you try replacing the bootgrabber.exe in the EasyBCD folder with the one in the RAR file attached here?

If that doesn't work then please do the dump as explained in the previous post.


  • BootGrabber.rar
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Just joined Neosmart...first post...I have 2 sata drives...the first bootable drive has XP Pro and Vista Ultimate installed and works fine. My second drive is a 2TB sata. I want to install Win7 now. First, which drive should i install it to so as to have a triple boot? Could someone please guide me through how to get this setup up & running so i don't have some of the problems others seem to have run into in their setups?
Thank You, airbuilder
You can install it wherever you like, it should pick up the other two operating systems and multi-boot them automatically.

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