Dual XP HD's

I have just installed 2 new HD's with XP on each...1 for gaming and 1 for general use.
I downloaded Easy BCD 2.0, but get an error "Opening BCD registry.
The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified. Would you like to manually load a BCD registry for EasyBCD to manage ?"
When I click on yes, the window comes up, but everything is grayed out in the right side panel, and clicking on Install BCD doesn't work.
I must be missing something. I have EasyBCD on both HD's.
Can you help me ?
Do you have Vista or W7 ?
The BCD is part of those OSs.
It doesn't exist in XP.
An XP-only system dual-boots via NTLDR using boot.ini as its data source (XP's equivalent of the BCD)
boot.ini is a simple text file and doesn't need a special app to manipulate it.
You can simply use Notepad or Wordpad to make any changes you need to effect a dual-boot.
You'll find the information you need here.