dual xp o/s ?


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hello my friends
i wanna install two indepent win xp o/s. can i manage it with easybcd? i have just one xp for now. i have installed easybcd but i got error opening bcd registry.

this is the question: can i use easybcd only win xp o/s or i have to install vista or win 7 ?

thank you..
XP doesn't have a BCD. It was introduced with Vista.
EasyBCD can therefore only be used to dual boot XP in a configuration that includes Vista/7/8.
If you install another XP with a previous XP being already present as "system" in Disk Management, the setup program will automatically dual-boot the two, by adding an entry into boot.ini on the previous system.
boot.ini is the equivalent of the BCD in pre-Vista NT systems
It doesn't need the services of a GUI to manage it. Unlike the BCD, it's a simple text file and can be managed with any normal text editor like Notepad.
You can read all about it here
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