DualBoot Easybcd Makes xp pro 64 act like 32 in win764/xp pro64


I have a small problem when using Easy bcd 2.1.2 as follows;

I added winxp boot to Easybcd from within win 7 64. No problem there.

I rebooted, and sure enough the new option to dual boot was win 7 / winxp , If I choose xp then the machine boots into xp , but reports an error;
'The procedure entry point wow64 enable could not be located in the dynamic link library' At which point winxp loads with no graphics drivers, not many of the native windows programs function, and in computer properties memory capacity is reported as 3gb instead of 8gb.
If I choose win7, then all is well.

My setup;

hp xw6200 dual (x2) Intel xeon 3.4 ghz HT cpu's
2x 160gb sata hdd (not raided)
geforce 210 gpu
8GB ddr2 (4x2GB)

sata 1: windows 7 ultimate 64
sata 2: windows xp professional 64

I am able to boot into fully-functional winxp if I unplug sata 1 from motherboard

Each OS is installed on physically seperate sata hdds.

Doeas anyone have any Idea why dual boot option is causing this error in xp, and not in win7 ?

Thanks for stopping by.

You didn't answer the question - if you turn off your PC completely (i.e. don't restart) then boot into Windows XP "via EasyBCD" as you say, does this happen? OR does it only happen when you restart into Windows XP?