dualboot on windows 10 (uefi)


I just bought EasyBCD 2.3 because it is said " Windows 10 and UEFI ready".

I have a new computer with Windows 10 64 bits installed on a ssd drive.So I meet a classic error (Windows cannot be installed on a GPT partition) when I wish to install Windows 7 64 bits on a NTFS partition on my second hard drive.

I just want to know if there is an easy way to install a dualboot Windows10/Windows 7 or Windows10/Windows10 on my computer with EasyBCD 2.3.

I thank you for your answers.


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The clash between MBR and UEFI systems is due to architecture restrictions in MS Windows.
If you can't do something without EasyBCD, you can't do it with EasyBCD either.
It is possible to boot a GPT Windows from An MBR Windows provided that you're in BIOS emulation (the BCD will call the .exe loader instead of the .efi), but not the other way round.
I managed to use W10 trial version by installing it on an MBR drive with my UEFI/GPT W7/8.1 SSD dual-boot disconnected and then triple booting from W10 on the MBR HDD.


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You'll see the error "Windows cannot be installed on a GPT partition" if you boot from the Windows installation media in legacy (non-EFI) boot mode but try to install it on a UEFI/GPT-prepared disk.

The solution is to turn off legacy/CSM boot in your firmware ("BIOS") settings and boot from the DVD/USB again, this time in EFI mode. You can then install and dual-boot Windows 7, 8, or 10 (in 64-bit mode only) to your hearts content, and tweak things to your liking with EasyBCD.