DualBoot Vista 64 and Ubuntu EasyBCD 1.7 issue


Hi There,

I need help in installation of Dual boot system. Here is quick description:

I am running Vista Home Pro 64
System is installed at SATA stripe raid array (only two disks) + I have one IDE disk connected as secondary slave. This IDE drive is split into two parts. First is NTFS partition and second is unused space.
I've installing Ubuntu 7.10 from live CD following steps in Guide published at http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Ubuntu. At the beginning I had a problem to boot up from CD but after using noapic parameter I successfuly booted. Then according to guide I created two new partitions - one for swap and one ext3 for linux itself at IDE disk.

Installer identifies sata disk separately as dev/sda and dev/sdb and since I am running it in raid I don't want to touch it. Therefor I used dev/hdd3 for installation of grub according to guide. Installation had been finished successfuly and I came back to Vista open EasyBCD and created new linux record according to guide.
However when I rebooted I saw two option. When I choose Ubuntu I got this message
BootPart 2.60 Bootsector (c) 1993-2005 Gilles Vollant BootPart
Loading new partition
Bootsector from C.H. Hochst„tter
Cannot load from harddisk.
Insert Systemdisk and press any key.
and nothing happens.
Funny thing is that when I booted from live CD and choose option - start from first drive then I got in into Ubuntu. Grub is trying to boot from (hd0,2) which seems to be correct.

I was trying to fing any help in the forums over here but without sucess (Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough :x).
Is anybody able to help me on this one.
Did you try doing the steps where you use the option to use NeoGRUB without GRUB being installed?
Nope, I din't try to use neogrub. It's obvious that I am noob to linux and since neogrub requires some knowledge of scripting I would need some help on it.


okay. I got it thru NoeGRUB at the end it wasn't that complicated.

I just wonder why normal activation of dual boot thru grub wasn't working?

Also does anybody know what noapic parameter in boot does?
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---noapic disables support for Intel's advanced interrupt controller - it means the OS does the work instead of the hardware.

There are a number of reasons as to why a normal GRUB entry wouldn't work, but the most likely ones are that GRUB wasn't correctly installed or that GRUB was installed to a different location than the Ubuntu partition itself.

Glad you got it to work though!