Dualboot Vista before OSX


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Well, heres my problem.

Im just finished with installing OSX (Kalyway 10.5.2), and went back to vista to fix the bootloader with the options to choose which OS i want to start. But the problem is, that i cant figure out how to choose the correct drive nor how to boot the OS.

Any help will be appreciated :smile:

BTW, didnt get much help from this.

EDIT: Ive tried "adding entry", choosing Generic x86 PC and when added it wont work. I cant seem to locate this neither;
5. Select "Auto-configure Mac Settings" and then hit "Add Entry" to finish up.

EDIT2: Looking through settings now, in "View settings" and when i choose the Mac OSX that i have named the entry, and try to change the drive (cannot find "B" where ive installed the OS in the first place at all) i cant save it as boot, it just switches back to C:\ or D:\.
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