DualBoot Vista SP1 & XP SP3 (can't boot into XP after installing Vista)

I'd this dual boot Vista+XP working fine for a while, using same tool EasyBCD. Then I reinstalled Vista SP1, after that, I entered XP into the Vista Bootloader using "Ad/Remove Entries" of EasyBCD. Copied NTDETECT.COM, ntldr and boot.ini to the active partition which is Vista, my C: drive & XP is on D: drive. First, my XP drive was "Logical", then I changed into "Primary" using Acronis Disk Director. Whenever I select the XP partition from the boot menu, I get this black screen. Right after u select the XP partition, I can see my harddisk blinking for 2-3 secs, then again, Blank screen. I checked some posts with this same issue, & I tried most of the steps, still no luck. Please help me guys and thanx in advance. Here I'm attaching screenshots of my EasyBCD settings, Disk Management & Boot.INI.
Disk Management

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Thanx a lot for the speedy reply "Terry60", ur always here to help all of us. NTDETECT.COM is already in my C: drive. Now I'm gonna try changing the partition number to 2 and will post the results.


The boot.ini you posted should point to partition 2 not 1, in both places. Windows numbers partitions from 1 (or more correctly numbers the MBR as 0, making the 1st proper partition 1)

thanx a lot Terry, it really worked, I changed partition 1 to 2.
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