Dualboot Win7 (drive 1) and Centos 6 (drive 2)-- how to do it


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Has anyone got Windows 7 (on the first drive), and Centos 6 (on a second drive) up and running with EasyBCD?

I installed Win7 first; then I took the power off that drive, and installed a second drive. I installed Centos 6 to the
drive's partition, not to the MBR. It boots just fine by itself.

I put the power back onto the Win7 drive, and reboot. System boots to Win 7 just fine. Centos sits in the background on drive 2.

I load EBCD-- I try every option under ADD ITEM (Grub (legacy-- both with and without NeoGrub), GRUB2, and LILO/eLILO)--
none of the options will boot my Centos. Where I had the option, I pointed them to the Centos primary partition.
Yes, they all put Centos onto the Bootmanager Screen, and I can select them just fine. They just don't boot my Centos. They either
freeze the screen immediately on trying to boot, or they give me the dreaded "grub>" prompt (showing GRUB4DOS).
Win 7 boots just fine in every case.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm about to go back and just re-install Centos, and let it install to MBR-- becoming the
bootmanager instead of EasyBCD. At least that works! And it's very simple to recover my MBR/bootsector/BCD on the Win7
drive afterwards, if I desire to quit that setup.

EasyBCD hasn't proven to be so easy. What am I missing here????? I'm willing to give EBCD a chance..............
Hi there,

It sounds like there's something odd in the CentOS menu that's stopping EasyBCD's copy of GRUB from loading it up. Can you post the contents of your grub.lst (or whatever CentOS calls it) here?
I actually just configured a tri-boot machine using Win XP, Win 7, and Cent OS. I however was not installing them on separate disks I loaded them all on a single 500 Gb HD in a laptop. What I did was I installed Win XP and Win 7 then I installed EasyBCD and then installed Cent OS. After the Cent install I logged back into win 7 and did the following.
  • Added New Entry in EasyBCD
    • Left Type as Grub (legacy)
    • Gave it a name like (Cent OS)
    • then checked the Use EasyBCS's copy of Grub
    • then Save.
  • Then I went under BCD Backup/Repair and selected Re-create/repair boot files then clicked perform action.
Now when I launch the machine I get the EasyBCD screen that shows Win 7, Win XP, and Cent OS. If I select Cent OS it goes through a couple of screens but does load Cent OS.

I hope this helps.