Dualboot Win7 / OSX86


hi,i have a question related to how easyBCD starts OsX86.
My hardware requires the use of a "preboot" image to run, but if i select OsX when booting i get right into chameleon (the OsX bootloader). As the preboot image has not been loaded i the proceed to a kernel panic.

So, my understanding is that easyBCD loads its own chameleon. Where does this one reside? i just have to drop a folder containing the relevant stuff in the same place and should be going.

My hardware is a hp netbook 2140 and booting into win7 works just fine. :lol: booting into macosX SL works via an usb-stick, cumbersome but works.:??
Ah and last i have installed ubuntu on a little partition to play with, but i wont bother setting up neogrub before i get the dualbooting working.
Hi harryman, welcome to NST.

Please bear with me here, because I'm trying to gather as much info as possible in order to make OS X dual-booting a true one-click experience.

What are you putting in the preboot image? Are you using anything particularly specific to your hardware?
bootimage content

Hi, happy to give you all the information i can.

as you may be aware of chameleon (actually XNU in the darwin kernel) can load a diskimage, called "preboot.dmg", that has to reside in the /Extra folder. In my case it contains a multitude of .kexts that have to be loaded before chameleon pops into gui. The preboot image contains itself an /Extra floder where the .kexts again reside in some nested folders. The image is a simple ram-disk, no boot-logic attached somehow.

but, the clue is that all these kexts have to get loaded before the boot0 file gets executed. i could attach the file if you have access to a mac to have a look at.

just to remind you of my pending question regarding the possibility of hooking early (preboot image) into the boot process on OsX 86. Would really be nice to hear from someone in the know.