Dualboot Win7/Win7 in different physical drives


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My PC is Core i7 2600K/12GB/CTX570. I started with a clean install Win 7 and brought a number of software into it from my previous PC via PC-mover. All worked fine. I then installed Adobe Master Collection and Photoshop Lightroom. Especially the Lightroom started to flicker making the use of the software almost impossible. Everything was tried to correct the problem (software suggestions collected from different forums and hardware changes), but only a clean installation of Win7 worked. Because I had that numerous other software I left the previous installation in the PC and added the new one in a new physical drive. Made a double boot system. The new installation is drive C: and the old Drive J: (different physical drives as I mentioned). The double boot is working basically OK but the "old" Win C: crashes into BSOD (blue screen with warnings). It has, however, come up twice, which is quite strange. It has also get longer in loading the system but thereafter cancelled what it loaded and turned the machine off (without BSOD). Mostly it, however, ends up to BSOD very early after starting to boot. Any ideas on what could cause the problem. It seems that there is nothing wrong in the double boot, because both OS start loading. Both also work OK after they have loaded, but the old crashes to BSOD most of the time.Should I give up and start to install my software to the new Win7?

regards Kari
Moving operating systems and applications from one PC to another is guaranteed to cause a lot of headache and never really work. You should install from scratch, as that is the only scenario we support here.