Dualboot Win7,XP, problem


Hi, firstly let me say thanks to EasyBCD for solving one problem.

My initial configuration was
1) Drive C : Win XP
2) Drive E : Unpartitioned -> I installed Win7 here
Pata Hdd0
3: Drive F : no windows installation

After installing Win7, my Drive C (1) became Drive D, and Drive E(2) became C:frowning:for Win7) I was unable do dual boot into XP again, until EasyBCD2.0 solved the problem, thanks. I added an entry for XP and EasyBCD autoconfigured.
I think the boot files (ntldr..etc) was installed onto Drive F (3).

But now, I am unable to get to a dual boot menu anymore. Only booting straight to XP. How can I get the dual boot menu back again?

Thanks very much, have a happy new year.

My BIOS settings were not changed.
Hi renesie, welcome to NST.
If W7 put it's boot files on the other HDD (if it's "system" in Disk Management), then you'll need to change the BIOS to boot that HDD first.
When W7 is booting, you can use EasyBCD/diagnostics/change boot drive and put the BCD back on the W7 C: partition if you'd prefer.
(remember to put the BIOS boot sequence back to SATA first in the BIOS, if you do)
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Hi Terry,

Many thanks for your reply. I have tried to boot from the PATA drive F which contains the boot data, but post-bios boot it still does not allow me to dual boot, ie, no dual-boot menu apears.

As such, I am unable to get into Windows 7 to run the EasyBCD now to configure anything. Can I run easyBcd from XP and choose the BCD manually, ie, F:\boot\ ?

Do you have any more suggestions for me, appreciate it lots! Thanks very much :tongueout:
You said you used Easy2 to create a dual-boot successfully.
When did the ability to dual-boot disappear ?
You must have done something which caused it .
Would you believe if I told you I didnt do anything?

EasyBCD managed to allow me to dual-boot, so I booted into XP.
Shutdown XP, and the next time I turned it on, no more dual boot feature available... sounds incredible, but its true... :tongueout: