Dualboot Win7 + XP


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I have both Windows 7 and XP pro. However they are on separate drives. Win 7 was installed after XP. I added the entry in Easy BCD for Windows XP and it is on drive D, while Win 7 is on drive C. I wrote the MBR, and everything seems to be fine, and I see the new entry in BCDEDIT, but after I restart everything disappears and I do not even get a menu to choose XP from, it just boots directly to Win 7. I tried everything, ran as administrator, tried Easy BCD 2.0 nothing works.

Thanks In Advance
Hi Iko, welcome to NST.
Please see this post from another of today's threads.
Don't think he has the same kind of problem, Terry...
The other user was able to select XP in the boot menu. This guy doesn't even see a boot menu.

@iko: Could you post the contents of EasyBCD | View Settings | Detailed (Debug) Mode, along with a screenshot of Disk Management?