Dualboot - Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10 - Windows 7 won't boot


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Fresh install of Windows 7 (installed 1st) then a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 with the GRUB2 as the bootloader, they are both installed on the same drive, different partitions of course. I am unable to boot Windows 7 when I select it from the menu, PC just reboots a second after selecting Windows 7 to boot. How can I get the Windows 7 boot manager back so that I can install EasyBCD and then be able to boot both? Any help here is much appreciated!

Note: seems GRUB2 doesn't play nice with Windows 7 dual booting from what I have read, how nice of Ubuntu to release a Beta product with a normal release.
I use the SuperGrub2Disk to have accsess to Grub2. The Mainproblem is, that you have Ubuntu installed with the ext4-Filesystem. Install Ubuntu with ext3-Filesystem and it works with Easy BCD