DualBoot Windows 8 & Hackingtosh probs

hi. I love easybcd, but now i have my first issue.

I would like to have a dual boot solution.

1. SSD Windows 8 pro.
2. SSD hackintosh osx mountain lion

Win8 installed his uefi boot manger.
When i start osx as first boot device i see the win8 ssd in booloader but yes can't boot it because the boot stuff is not on ssd, but in uefi bios partition.

So I tried it in another way boot windows first use easybcd and add mac osx.

First I tried it withe .iso then with the mbr settings.

But it did not work.

So I drive some rounds and think hey customize the the macosx boot.iso (nst_mac.iso)

Open it with ultraiso and opened an exported also the chimera package and replace everything in the nst_mac.iso from the chimera package (boot0 and so on) and copied also my …boot.plist
Saved everything and crossed my fingers.

But same outcome reboot and then nothing.

So my question, how could I fix it to use Win8 as first boot option and with help of easybcd the option to boot the second ssd with macosx?

It would be great when someone could give me a hint.