Dualbooting Vista/XP where is boot.ini


Hello, I have a succesful Vista Home Premium SP1/XP Home SP2 dualboot setup on my laptop.
I have another laptop dualbooting Puppy Linux 4.00/XP Home SP2. The Linux laptop has both OS's on the same partition and works well. I'd like to setup the Vista/XP laptop with a triple boot adding Puppy Linux to the XP partition. To set this up I need access to the boot.ini but I can't find it. I used EasyBCD to setup the Vista/XP dualboot. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Boot.ini is in the root of your "system" partition, but will only be visible if you unhide system files in folder options.
How is it that the system is booting fine into XP or Vista with no boot.ini? Is it because it's using Vista's bootloader? Should I add an entry for Linux using EasyBCD?
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See this post in parallel thread sinister. Make yourself a new one from Guru's link.
Even when you're using Vista's bootmgr, it still chains to NTLDR for XP, which still needs to get boot.ini from somewhere.
I was able to work this all out using EasyBCD to setup my Linux partition. I also found my boot.ini while booted into Linux. Funny it didn't show up with show hidden files and folders checked. All is good.
You also need to untick "hide protected operating system files" and "hide extensions for known file types" to see boot.ini in its full glory.
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