duel boot/win.7+winxp


im thinking of putting win,xp,pro. on a prepared partition, i originally had win,vista on my
laptop, i then installed win,7 over the top (not thinking i could have done a fresh install) anyway after install i done a 'disk cleanup' and removed about 2.5gig,my question is:after i install,win,xp it will overwrite 7s booting,gear.i know easybcd 2.0 can search for the booting files for win,7. will i have any prob,because as i said i wiped old vista of , will easybcd look for win,7 one?:smile:
Hi Mark, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD 2.0 latest build is fully W7 compatible.
You can reinstate the BCD after XP regresses it using either of these techniques.
The first will only be available from XP after you've installed NET 2.0 framework from Windows Update custom section. (Is your XP CD at least SP2 level ? there's no SATA support in XP before that and the Install will fail if your HDD is SATA)
(for Vista read W7)
I went into the bios and disabled sata support and my xp pro slipstream install went in without a hitch, only problem I'm having now is when I go to start easy bcd I get an error report and says it has to close and to send report to microsoft. I have xp pro on my c drive (primary OS) and win 7 installed on my f drive and it's getting a bit irritating having to swap cables. Any help would be appreciated.
Have you installed NET 2.0 framework on XP ? (Windows Update Custom)
It's a prerequisite for EasyBCD (Vista and W7 have it pre-installed)