dvd burner, burned?


Hi, I had the problem that my dvd burner would not read anything. Tried all steps from the microsoft website, still no solution.

I opened the case and disconnected the drive and instead connected another one I had (but only burns cd's) and when I turned on the computer, that one was recognized and played the CD inside. When I put back the original drive with which I was having issues, then again did not read anything. Is that dvd drive trashed?
CDs and DVDs ?
They use different lasers, so often one will still work when the other has failed.
If the motor spins up, but neither reads nor writes (have you tried +R and -R ? not all drives are compatible with both), then it sounds like the control circuits are fried.
If you can't hear the disc spin-up, then it could be a mechanical transport problem (broken or slipped drive belt)
If your only resort is to buy a new drive because the old one is out of warranty, it's worth opening up the case to check that it's not a mechanical failure which you might be able to fix.
Could be as simple as the unit needs new firmware installing. Have you checked the manufacturer's website for the latest firmware?

You can check what firmware version is installed in Device Manager, go to DVD/CD-ROM Drives, right-click and go to Properties, then Details, select Hardware ID in the drop-down list and see my attached thumbnail for what to look for.

Also what operating system is this as XP needs software in order to recognize DVD's if I recall? Sorry I no longer use it but I believe that is correct.


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