DVD drive missing from ALL OS after adding an ISO entry

Running a clean install of Windows 7 Pro on my Dell Lattitude E5410 I used EasyBCD to add in ISO load of Puppy Linux to my boot menu (tahr-6.0-CE_PAE.iso)Now both OS load fine but neither can see my DVD drive (doesn't even show up in Win 7 Device Manager, or any entry within /dev/ in Puppy). Basically as soon as the Bootloader loads and I can choose between Windows and Puppy, the drive stops functioning and won't even respond to an Eject button press. Removing the Puppy entry and rebuilding the BCD makes the drive visible in Windows again. This happens regardless of whether I choose to load from RAM or HDD. Any thoughts?? Thanks
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Mostly Harmless
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That's mighty odd. You're saying simply the existence of the Puppy Linux entry in the boot menu (regardless if you choose it or not at boot time) will cause Windows to not see your DVD drive?
You're sure this happens even with a cold boot where you boot into Windows without selecting Linux or others at the boot menu?