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Perversely for a mod, I've only just started using EasyBCD again after a five year gap where mostly I was quad-booting courtesy of HnS with grub4dos, and latterly single booting W7 directly.
Having installed 8.1 over 8, I used 8.1's bootmgr to dual-boot back to W7 using Easy.
This morning I booted 8.1 again to reintroduce some of the customization which the .1 upgrade had stripped out, and coming back into 7 it occurred to me that I didn't need to wait for the menu because it would take the default.
I've had grub4dos set up to use the default and savedefault parameters which means that it always defaulted to the current system. This is unnecessary and even undesirable if one is constantly switching between OSs, but invaluable in the case where one is only switching to another OS for the purpose of monthly patching, i.e. where the OS probably needs to reboot during WUD, in which case you want it to go back into the same OS even if it's not your usual "default".
Using your iReboot expertise and code, is there a way you could do something like this


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Terry, remind me, do you have Grub4Dos installed to the MBR or do you load it from the BCD/BOOTMGR?

I'm pretty sure iReboot (+ initial configuration via EasyBCD) does what you're asking about, but I don't know if that would work with your Grub4Dos element involved.


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Grub4dos is on the other HDD, sitting outside the PC in a caddy.
When I was using it, it was courtesy of HnS, so it was called by the Vista/7 MBR under the pseudonym of bootmgr.
At the moment I'm booting W7 via W8's bootmgr.
It's been about 6 years since I was last in a position to use iReboot so I've forgotten the details.
Are you saying it has a "come back here" option which can be left on until a specific change is requested ?
The button in "Useful Utilities" doesn't seem to do anything.


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Yeah, it was added as the result of a feature request. Could that have been your suggestion?

Anyway, iReboot: http://neosmart.net/downloads/software/iReboot/iReboot.exe (not sure why it's not being downloaded when you use the Useful Utilities thing. Haven't looked at that code in years!)

I'm trying to remember if iReboot will work in the scenario you describe even if you don't restart the machine via iReboot.

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I've forgotten some of these features ever existed.

[Download] UAC-Free iReboot BETA - Page 6
[IRBT-6] Option for reboots done seperate from iReboot to default to current OS - NeoSmart Technologies BugCentral
[IRBT-9] Advanced option to hide current OS from iReboot list to minimize clutter - NeoSmart Technologies BugCentral

From the bug tracker (last two links), it seems some of these options are contained in iReboot.exe.config (in the setup directory or in %appdata%\neosmart...\ireboot\ or similar)