e:application not found error


Running Vista, DVD will not open. Have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, I have done system recovery. I can see the light on the next to the button to open the tray. Device manager says it is working properly. It has "the most up to date driver"

I get error "e:application not found"

Surprize! Is this with an ide or sata optical drive? If you can easily read other disks and even burn a data disk it won't be a failed lazer. When recently seeing a number of problems simply trying to boot up with the Vista dvd even shutting the system off entirely to then see everything load in order to use the repair tools on the disk it turned out to be that little red data cable for the sata drive here. Just a thought.
If you're literally typing "e:application" in the run dialog, it needs to be "e:\application" and the path and file must acutally exist. Can you access the drive's contents from "Computer" or are you able to burn new discs? Can you boot from a bootable disc such as a Vista dvd or recovery disc?