Easeus Partition Master messed up boot system

The saying of "Easeus Partition Master messed up boot system" is not an accusation.
Simply saying the tool used in the process.

My system:
Desktop machine
CPU Intel core 2 quad Q8300 2.5GHz
HDD 2 physical hard drives SATA
No.1, Hitachi with 2 partitions, Win Vist & Win 7 installed on each partition.
No.2, WD with 2 partitions, Win XP installed & one partition for storage.

EasyBCD(free) boot entry:
Windows 7 Pro (v)
Windows Vista
Windows XP

The following is how I messed up the boot system.
1.Disconnected the HDD No.2 WD Win XP
2.Had a Toshiba, a HDD out of a netbook, connected to No.2 WD,s wires.
3.Had this Toshiba partitioned by Easeus Partition Master
4.The HDD No.2 WD could not boot when reconnected back to its wires.
5.Renewed the HDD No.2, Win XP's entry by Add New Entry
6.The HDD No.2, Win XP booted but endlessly restarted itself when boot was completed.
7.And the other two systems became slow at booting up & shutting down

Please help.

Thank you very much in advance!
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