Easy BCD 1.5.2 Can Only Boot Into One Linux Distribution


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Easy BCD 1.5.2 Can only boot into one Linux distribution if multiple differenent linux entries on different partions of the same harddrive are entered only the first will function correctly. The other linux entries will just boot into the first linux partition.

Each linux install has its only boot loader loaded in its own partition. All of the linux installs are on a second hard drive. While windos vista and windows xp are installed on the first hard drive. The first linux partition is on a primary partition, the remaining linux installations are on logical partions inside an extended partition.

Has any one else seen this?

Hi Joe, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

As a matter of fact, EasyBCD can boot into as many Linux installs as you like. What you have to do though is add them to the grub boot file (grub.lst or menu.lst) on the first linux install's "boot" folder.