Easy BCD 1.7 update to 2.1


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Can I simply update 1.7 to 2.1 without having to do anything else?
I'm hoping I can as (as in my previous post) I can't get the OS option screen when starting from cold and 1.7 doesn't seem to give me the resetting option shown in 2.1.


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A newer version will automatically uninstall an older if you say yes when asked.
1.7 ?
That was written and released before W7 was even on the horizon. You should have upgraded years ago !


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Thanks for the reply.....1.7 was installed for me together with the second HD a couple of years back. So can you tell me if I will have to reenter the the drive details as currently displayed in 1.7 or will they automatically be carried over to 2.1? As you can guess, this is all very new to me. Thanks for the help.


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Like he said, everything is automatic. Just upgrade.