Easy BCD 2.0 and Acronis Disk Director 10 compatibility ?


I have a tri-boot system : XP, Vista x64 and now Win7 x64. All 3 OS are on different (physical) HDD. Win 7 was the last system to be installed.

Just upgraded EasyBCD from 1.7.x to 2.0 this week. Easy BCD is installed on the Vista partition.

Now, I would need to increase the size of the Vista partition (and consequently shrink the adjacent partition). I have installed Acronis Disk Director 10 (DD10) (as Windows does not allow for such an operation in an easy way - cannot increase unless at right of the C partition...) - The latest program is installed under XP...

briefly : DD10 on the XP partition, and Easy BCD on the Vista partition.

Now, if I increase the Vista partition (from under XP running), can I damage anything that Easy BCD does ? (in other words, can I damage the booting of the PC ?)

(I am asking here, as Acronis tech cannot answer this...)

Increasing the Vista partition size should NOT affect EasyBCD's booting of Vista.

But it *may* stop you from booting into XP thereafter. No problem though, just run EasyBCD -> Tools -> Autoconfigure XP and you should be good to go.