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Hi guys -

I created a little problem recently on a Win7 64 machine by re-working an F: partition containing .wim files for a couple of BCD WinPE menu entries with no thought to how this might affect the BCD. I later noticed the BCD problem when trying to boot the two affected menu entries, #2 and #6, as shown in 'EasyBCD Backup 20110219 1410.txt', the configuration before the partition rework.

View attachment EasyBCD Backup 20110219 1410.txt

When trying to start Easy BCD I received the 'Error opening BCD registry' as shown in 'BCD Error 20110327 0144.png'. Easy BCD then locked up.

BCD Error 20110327 0144.png

I then deleted the two corrupt menu entries using BCDedit and re-created them using Easy BCD. The resulting configuration is shown in 'EasyBCD Backup 20110327 1312.txt'.

View attachment EasyBCD Backup 20110327 1312.txt

Even though I was able to work around these issues I believe some effort could be expended in the error handling area in order to better handle a corrupted BCD.

Thanks for your time and a most excellent utility!
Hi SofaRider,

Thanks for sharing the corrupt BCDEDIT output that caused EasyBCD to error out. EasyBCD definitely shouldn't present an error just because an entry or two is corrupt.

I'll debug it with the files you sent me and see what happens. :smile:
Hey SofaRider,

Turns out EasyBCD was OK with it (if you create a file called bcdedit.txt in the same directory as EasyBCD.exe, it'll read the configuration from there instead of bcdedit.exe; give it a shot with your bcd config and you'll see that it works just fine!)

bcdedit.exe was the one crashing, with an error:
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I'm handling this now in EasyBCD (EasyBCD 2.1 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums) and a bunch of other errors.

Could you please try it and test it on your damaged BCD in the zip file?



btw, Macrium is notorious for creating corrupt BCD entries. Be careful!
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