Easy BCD 2.2 beta build - minor install error


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Downloaded 2.20 Build 160 - setup identified the program as 2.1.1 during installation routine. When done > Help > About showed

Might want to change the install script to show corrrect version - some could be confused.:??
Hi Chief,

Thanks for that bug report. I caught that one earlier today, it'll be gone in the next build.
Go ahead and try out the rest of the "normal" stuff, I think I broke some things :grinning:

BTW, please post bug reports here: BugCentral
error after installing easybcd2.2 beta..

iam using easybcd first time.

after installing easy bcd i got a pop up saying
the boot configuration data store could not be opened
illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion would u like to manually load a bcd registry for easy bcd to manage?
please let me know what should i do?