Easy bcd 2.2 error

Get an error at add new entry screen when trying to add windows xp--type is windows xp--name is windows xp--auto detect drive checked and when i hit add new entry get this--An error occured while attempting the specified create operation,System could not allocate the required space in a registry log.

Booting windows 7 hp 64 bit with windows xp pro,windows 7 is loaded and xp was put on the shrink volume as instructed all that went as described with no problems loaded xp with np on the xp partition made downloaded the bcd program with np loaded windows 7 at the mbr config window with xp partition showing above it and then go to add entry and get above problem that i listed....if more info is needed fire away and hopefully i did not miss something stupid,thanks


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Terry thanks for the reply and the link that seems that to have the trick thank you works perfect,Great easy program for dual boot for a first time user.