Easy BCD 2.2 - Italian translation improvements


I downloaded and installed Easy BCD 2.2.
I found several errors in italian translation. I revised the translation.
I sent two emails to your support but I didn't receive any answer.

Are you interested about translation improvements?

Thanks. Bye.


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Hello bovirus,

We didn't get any emails from you, though I did find your private message here on the forums. As Terry says, the instructions are in the thread there and all improvements and/or feedback are most welcome.
I posted the message for you (on 22.10 & 28.10) into private message section.
I checked today and the messages are available in "Sent" section.

I posted the new italian translation into the section that you explained.
I posted also some info about a GUI bug and two strings untranslated.

I hope that you will release a new build with the italian translation and GUI bug fixed.

Note: I marked this thread as subscription and instant notification via email but I didn't receive any email regarding your new post. For my user profile in this case didn't work send messages and notification via email.

For any other contact my ref is roberto . boriotti at canon-europe .com
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Thank you, bovirus. The message box issue (with OK, etc) was once reported before (by the French localizer, I believe?) - I think it might be possible to have those translated by Windows.
When you will fix the GUI problem (unused space on teh left) and add new strings, plwase contact me in advance to update the strings and release the program already updated about localization.



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Absolutely, and thanks again. Sorry about the delays - We're just super busy with several releases at the moment, but it's definitely appreciated!