Easy BCD 2 build 65 not working on Windows 7

Having installed Windows 7 64 bit on a computer that was running xp -32 bit. I'm having problems getting it to boot. :frowning:

Having searched the internet I have ascertained I have a problem with the bootloader. :angry:

Searching for a solution brought me here :smile:

I downloaded Easy BCD 2 and installed it. Started it and it gave me an error :frowning:

The error reported is 0xc000007b.

Running it as an administrator gave the same problem.

Before I use you "nuclear option" any idea how I might solve it?
Hello Alan, welcome to NST.
Which OS is this, the one you're attempting to use EasyBCD from?
XP or Win 7?
It could be you don't have .NET Framework installed. If so, then you will need to install it before Easy can run. It is a must.
Try putting your W7 HDD first in the BIOS boot sequence instead of XP.
You can't make XP boot W7.
You can run EasyBCD on XP (after NET 2.0 is installed), but it's still operating on W7's BCD.
Only W7 should now be working - I wasn't going for dual-boot.

W7 is on c drive of first boot disk.

Although boot fails, if I put the installation dvd in i get boot options and can start W7.

It is then that Easy BCD fails with the above error. I assume W7 has NET 2 or later installed?
If you're not going for a dual-boot, then there's not much point of using EasyBCD, since it is dual-booting software, after all...:wink:
If Win 7 is failing to boot, boot the W7 DVD, select "Repair My Computer", select Startup Repair, and run it 2-3 times to fix everything. Then the problem should be solved.


Did you install W7 with another HDD visible and then remove it ?
That's the only way I can think of that you could install W7 and end up without a BCD. (W7 is prone to playing hide and seek with the boot files if you let it install to blank space)
Follow Jake's instructions and it will be recreated.
Solved the problem of booting simply by changing round the disks.

EasyBCD still doesn't work though - same error as reported above. Oh well, can't have everything. :lol:
EasyBCD should run on W7 without problems.
On XP you'll still need to install NET 2.0 first.
EasyBCD should run on W7 without problems.
On XP you'll still need to install NET 2.0 first.
Well, that's what I would guess too (that W7 already has it installed), but I wanted him to check his system to make sure, and if its not already installed, to install it. :wink:

You never know...it could be its not installed.
easybcd 2 Will not start

I have Windows 7 X64 upgrade installed and it wiped out my 1st and second boot of windows xp. The second is still installed on a separate hard drive but I do not have anyway to boot to it. I have tried both versions of easybcd 1.7.3 and 2.0 beta and neither will run. Win7 comes with .Net installed and will not let me install it again. I get the error above . Anyone have any suggestions? Netframework is 3.5.1
What symptoms ?
Is EasyBCD 2.0 (don't use 1.7) saying "can't find BCD" or crashing or ?