Easy BCD and Hide 'n Seek


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It is unclear to me from reading many posts in forum whether Vista Hide 'n Seek is intended to be used independently of, or in conjunction with EASYBCD when setting up a dual boot system. Any clarification would be appreciated.
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Yes, HnS can be used completely separate from EasyBCD, and is designed to automate the whole process of dual-booting between Vista and XP, as well as protecting Vista's system restore points, since XP deletes them when it boots if they're not hidden.
Take a look at the official HnS thread for more info on the project which is still in beta build, though it has been used successfully by lots of people. :wink:


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You can still use EasyBCD for Windows boot configuration despite using HnS, but say any entries you add that way won't be protected from any restore issues and you'll be left with a second menu when you select Vista from HnS bootloader. Nevertheless, EasyBCD has other purposes as well, such as backing up/restoring your bcd store, fixing HFS partition errors, using the power console, etc.
EasyBCD is a tool for manipulating the Vista (/W7) BCD.
HnS is a bootmanager (modified Grub4Dos)
HnS chains the Vista and XP boot managers (bootmgr and NTLDR), which still do the actual booting.
So even if your boot is controlled by HnS and it's the only thing you see, the other boot managers are working invisibly in the background, so it's still good to have the tools to maintain them.
The logic is described here.