Easy bcd couldn't connect to bcd store


my first problem was that my easybcd could't start
a searched arround and i installed .net framework 2
now i have another problem
my easybcd fails to start cuz it could't connect to bcd store

any advice plz???
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Hi Cojeap, welcome to NST.
Do you own a copy of Vista or W7 ?
The BCD is a feature introduced with Vista. It doesn't exist in XP.
Though EasyBCD will run on XP, it has no function if that XP is not part of a dual-boot with Vista/W7.
i have xp and on another partition mac os
all i want is to make mac partition to boot
afther that everything will be ok
I'm afraid you won't be able to use EasyBCD to achieve what you want, without a BCD.
EasyBCD is not a boot manager. It's a tool for manipulating the Vista/W7 boot manager.
In your case you can use grub or if you install OS X after Windows, OS X's bootloader should add a "Other" entry that you can use to boot into Windows.