easy bcd deleted windows xp instead of windows 7 from boot screen

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i'm struggling with the problwm from 2 days. im having xp and win dual boot systems both are pirated, in C and D. I formatted D drivei.e win 7 and installed ubuntu.now i used easy bcd to remove win 7 option from boot screen but it removed win xp and now directly it is going to boot for win 7 which is non existenrt and hence returning and error. i used third party boot loader to boot into xp and formatted d drive and when i want to add win xp it is saying "it can't find win xp in any drive "
i dont have win xp cd or win 7 neither my dvd drive is working. so please suggest a method to remove win 7 from boot manager and directly it should load xp
thanks in advance

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Sorry but we don't support piracy or people who openly admit that their systems are pirated.

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