Easy BCD EFI error after installing

Luis Rivera

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So I was installing Kali Linux, everything was well until I had to configure the bootloader, I used EasyBCD for that but when I open the program I get this message:
EasyBCD has detected that your machine is currently booting in EFI mode. Due to limitations set by Microsoft, many of EasyBCD’s multi-booting features cannot be used in EFI mode and have been disabled.

Press ‘OK’ to continue or ‘Help’ to read more about these limitations and possible workarounds. "
This doesnt allow me to setup the dualboot for Kali Linux.
Is there away to go around this? Is there another program other than Easy BCD that can do the job?


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Microsoft (not EasyBCD) do not allow the booting of Linux systems from the EFI version of bootmgr.
This is not something that EasyBCD (or anything else) can circumvent.
You have to approach the problem from the other direction.
Since MS bootmgr will not allow you to dual-boot Linux, you must use Linux's grub boot manager to dual-boot Windows.
When you install Linux, it used to default to taking over the boot, then they made it an option to turn on rather than prevent.
I cannot advise you on the specifics as I haven't used Linux for the best part of a decade now, but somewhere near the beginning of the installation you should find the option to let the newly installing OS take control of the UEFI boot. Take that option, and it should automatically find and dual-boot your existing Windows.

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