Easy BCD error message: CLR error: 80004005


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There really isn't much to say. Apparently, when I install Easy BCD I get the following message: CLR error: 80004005. The program doesn't even boot. I have tried versions 1.52 and 1.51. I have tried enabling compatability modes from XP SP2 to Win 95/98 and all the other options. I have tried running it as aministrator and as a user. Nothing changes.

I have just tried Vista Boot Pro 3.1.0 and it doesn't work either. Hmmm...

I do have Norton Protection Center installed. I wonder if that doesn't have something to do with it not working. Any ideas?
Hello Mikey, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

VistaBootPRO is warez, so to speak: it's built on stolen code and ideas: http://neosmart.net/forums/index.php?gettopic=21

Anyway, you're using EasyBCD so that's not a problem :smile:

Can you check something?
Right-click the EasyBCD shortcut, and go to the compatibility tab. Is it set to run in compatiblity mode?
If so, please remove it. If it isn't, can you try running it in XP SP2 compatibility?
Same problem

I have the same problem with Windows Vista x64.
I tried all version of easybcd including beta 1.61.
I tried also with and without compatibility mode... but always the same error.
Sorry for my english. :smile:
Hi tobei, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies....

I've seen this once before on Windows Vista, it was with a member who attempted to install the .NET 2.0 (or 1.0/1.1) framework on Windows Vista - you can't and shouldn't.

Did you try to do that?
also have same problems

hey ther, i also have the same problem... i haven't downloaded or installed any .net frameworks, and only have the ones installed in win vista. i get the same error as above. any new thoughts on this? thanks very much!!!