Easy bcd getting better and better


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Today I tried the latest easybcd and used it to boot win7 32bit, win7 64bit, xp, Ubuntu and almost osx.
I have never been able to use it to add linux and osx at the same time before.
The last hurdle is that the osx bootloader part is not booting my osx, I need to know where I can find documentation on modifying the nst_mac iso to match my system and I'm sure it will work.
Mike, I don't have much information to offer you. Since the OSx86 community has not been very forthcoming in response to my queries, I have been focusing on other parts of EasyBCD where I don't need anyone's help.
It does seem some areas of osx86 seem very closed shop, if you need a guinea pig to try anything out I will have a go.
Thanks for the good work.
Can you help me get an idea of how this nst_mac.iso works.
easy bcd is adding a bootable iso to C:/NST and is booting that fine.
The bootable iso contains Chameleon bootloader.
Now, does this Chameleon bootloader try to boot osx directly or does it try to boot my Chameleon bootloader which is on the same partition as my osx install.
If it is trying to boot osx directly surely my Chameleon setup has all the necessary info and just needs putting on the bootable iso.
I'm not pushing you for a fix I'm just trying to get an understanding of the problem.