Easy BCD lite - basic question

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I've just downloaded EasyBCD from the SystemDisk.com website and burnt the ISO OK . Booting from this I get a "EasyBCD Lite Recovery Essentials " window with 5 options including "Launch command prompt" -potentally usefull - I guess. "Attempt automated repair" option doesn't . Other options relate to System Restore. Is this all I should get? The user guides seem to have a much more detailed and useful GUI. Have I downloaded the wrong thing? Starting command prompt gives me a command prompt in X:/windows\system32>.

Background info - why I thought Easy BCD would be useful;
I've been trying for the last few weeks to resolve a problem with my sons laptop. Essentially it had Vista (64bit I believe) installed but that got corrupted ( boot sector virus I suspect ). This is an ACER laptop and so has a hidden PQSERVICE restore partition on it - no Vista CD supplied. Long story... but the ACER Alt+F10 restore process appeared to work but it then wouldn't boot into Vista - just hung with flashing cursor. - Presently I have 4 partitons on the HDD - 1) PSERVICE 2) VISTA 3) Win XP and 4) Ubuntu. These other 2 OS's were installed in attempts to "unlock" Vista. Vista is there, apparently intact but the MBR doesn't "point" to it . At the moment it boots OK to XP or Ubuntu. The Ubuntu start up boot select screen has a "Vista" option but actually starts XP.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately when I try to install it under WinXP the program cancels itself mid installation - last instruction befor efailing is to create shortcut for "...online documentation .lnk" (It installs OK on another PC - so file is good). The problem laptop isn't connected to the internet - is that a possible problem for the installation? (Logged on as Admin and there's plenty of disk space).

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It not being connected to the internet would be why it is failing. EasyBCD connects to make sure that it has the proper files installed to continue the installation. Such as .NET 2.0 which is required under XP but not Vista/Win7.
Progress at last! Connecting XP to internet allowed EasyBCD installation to complete and I now appear to be getting somewhere with restoring Vista.
Thanks for pointing me to the right software.