Easy BCD - No valid entries


I had XP on a Raid0 in a partition on C:
I then had to install Vista on E:
I then had to re-install XP on C:

Doing this then removed the vista boot loader. I then installed Easy BCD 1.6 Whenever I load EASY BCD it says novalid entries found. I try to re-install vista bootloader the retstart BCD it still says no valid entries and whenever I try to add an entry it crashes easy BCD and asks me to send an error report.

I've tried older verions but still no luck.

Any ideas?
Hi Rimmer,

Can you go to the "diagnostics" screen and press "Recreate BCD Files" ?

If you get an error while recreating, delete any and all folders called "BOOT" in the root folder of a drive
(for instance, c:\boot or D:\boot\), then try to recreate bcd files once more.

Close EasyBCD, turn it back on, shouldn't get any errors.

(BTW, it's "EasyBCD" :smile:)