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Does Easy BCD 2.0 supports the following OS

1. Solaris
2. Opensolaris
3. Opensuse - ext3
4. Freebsd -?
5. kubuntu - ext3
6. ubuntu - ext3
7. xp - ntfs
8. vista - ntfs

Im planning to multiboot the following OS using Easy BCD on top of that. Any comment from you guys? What are the file types of the other and how will I install that in order. Any experience from our boot experts
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Have a look at our supported operating systems page in the wiki.
I am quite certain you will have less troubles with booting kubuntu, ubuntu, xp, and Vista then any of the other ones you mentioned, but EasyBCD, AFAIK, should be able to be used with all the OSes you mentioned. :wink: In regards to installing the Windows OSes, my advice would be to install oldest first (i.e. XP then Vista), and that is the advice MS gives as well for dual-booting the two. Personally, I would say you would be better off installing all the Linuxes first, Windows next, with Vista last, that way Vista is controlling the boot after you do all that. That should allow you to enable booting from the Vista bootloader via EasyBCD into any of your installed OSes.

Make sure to use the latest beta release of EasyBCD though, as it has more features added to it and more support for Linux as well as XP.

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Suse is not supported

I already read the wiki and from that are you telling me that opensuse is not supported and how about for the open source operating system like opensolaris and freebsd. How can I add an entry in the easy bcd of each linux os and do you know how will im not going to write the mbr using other linuxes.
How can I add an entry in the easy bcd of each linux os and do you know how will im not going to write the mbr using other linuxes.

With Ubuntu, there will be an "Advanced" option, where you can select where to install Grub to, i.e. you can type in a location like "/dev/sda1" to install Grub to the first partition of the first hard drive. As for the other Linuxes, I have never used them personally, and so I don't know if they too have options to allow you to not install Grub to the MBR, but I imagine you could probably boot them all from one menu.lst (assuming they all use Grub), and simply point the entry in EasyBCD at the partition that contains the menu.lst that has the multiple entries to boot all the Linux OSes. Anyway, regardless, installing the OSes in the order that I suggested in my last post will take care of the MBR issue, seeing as the Vista boot code will replace Grub if it was installed to the MBR, and you will be left with a system that has Vista's bootloader controlling the boot, with the help of EasyBCD.

Thanks. I will give it a try and if I install it correctly I will post a tutorial. I have already manage a tripple boot using xp,vista and ubuntu using easy bcd 2.0 or grub boot loader so now its time for me to move up to this project. I will give you feedback as soon as I complete my downloads of other oses.


I see a installation guide on freebsd what option will I choose If I install freebsd.
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