easy BCD with vista


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easy BCD 1.5 with a computer with vista already on it. I need to install windows xp pro to a computer with vista on it useing easy BCD? I need to run a dual boot or something. I bought my new PC with vista on it now i can't use all my things that are windows xp compatible? What can i do? help!
My computer company said if i formatted my vista hard drive and put windows xp on it my computer may or may not ever work again.

I have a new acer 4000+ AMD Athlon 64 x2 procesor windows vista home premeume.
They're lying :tongueout:

Shrink the Vista partition, Create a new partition at the end of the drive (use Partition Magic, Acronis, or Paragon)
Install XP to that partition.
Install EasyBCD in XP
Add an XP entry in EasyBCD
EasyBCD -> Bootloader Management -> Reinstall Vista Bootloader

and everything should work swell :smile: