Easy re defective, not starting the Gui, no reply from support

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I bought the software and it is defect, the software is unable to star the GUI , it stops at $ (command prompt) and it doesn't load at all.
I have contacted immediately the easyre-neosmart at support email (which is provided at their webpage) asking for a refund but i didnt get any reply already for 4 weeks. , here is the screenshot of the problem: Screenshot
How can i get a refund for the software which was defect, and i had to reinstall the windows on my own?
This is the mail that i sent but got no reply:


Subject:Re: Fwd: Order A64712EC5805F3D5: Windows 10 Recovery Disc

Date:Tue, 13 Sep 2022 15:26:14 +0200

I just bought your product bellow, I want a refund as it is not working like described.
I have created the bootable usb like you described, and your software starts loading, but at the end no Gui shows up,
i just get a linux command line, and the gui of the software doesnt start up at all: Screenshot
I bought your software to solve my startup issue fast, i dont have time to investigate why your software doesnt want to load the gui in order to try to fix the pc.

So i am requesting my money back for a defect software.


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