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Ok, I’ve managed to eget the program thru all it’s process to tell me to remove the usb drive and to reboot, but that hasn’t happened. So I tried the command line, but again there’s no help, I want to know how to test the drive. Also I’d like to know what is it supposed to do? I thought it would correct all the errors, and make it bootable again?
Thanks, L8R
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All support for EasyRE is by email to EasyRE@Neosmart.net
Look Terry, I'm trying to post in the appropriate section, but I've spent roughly 4 weeks reading the sites info, and posting trying to get help. But to this date I've got none. my system makes it through all the runs, and it tells me I can remove my USB created drive, and then restart, but it doesn't restart, it just shows this light blue screen, and it does the same thing weather I load the win10 or win8 repair usb drive! The support site said it wouldn't accept anymore posts. So what is a user to do? I'll try to get the posting done in the correct area!