Easy recovery browse/backup files windows 10

Hello, recently created a boot usb for windows 10. I was able to boot the the easy recovery essentials …
Now I have a usb plugged in that I want to copy/paste files to…. I can see it but when I grab a file from my Asus and try to transfer to the usb it gives me an error saying that I can’t “Permision denied”

Sorry I am not very computer savvy, this is probably an easy problem to solve for many, but not me :smile:


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In Windows Explorer right-click and format it should remove the write-protection.
If that fails do the same whilst in Windows Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disc Management and locate it there
Ok when I go into the permissions for the f: drive the change content permission is only owner.
I tried changing the permissions on the usb from a different computer using cmd prompts but when I put it back in and reboot on neosmart the usb isn’t recognized any longer. When I try to alter the “change content” permission I get the error in the picture
Ok I was able to reformat the usb to the nfts file system and then allow permissions. When I put it back in the failed comp and booted to neosmart It says permissions are allowed. I grabbed a few files from the desktop and transferred and they showed up as though they were on yhe “f” drive (my usb)…. Pulled it out and put in another laptop to see if they were actually retrieved and there was nothing on the usb… thought I had it and then I didn’t lol

Another update… I am able to transfer files now, I have to open “browse/backup files” do the transfer…. Close the application… reopen “browse/backup files” … check the F drive files…close it again and then remove the usb. If I don’t do that the files don’t show up when I plug into another laptop but if I do those steps the files are there…. Again this is probably all very simple for some people but for me this has been a lot of trial/error and web research! Hopefully this helps someone down the road.
I'm in the same situation here, only, my USB backup drive is not showing up at all. I'm wanting to backup folders/files but there is nothing showing as a new drive (USB) to back up to.
I just want to say, I'm an absolutely desperate situation here. I paid for the Windows 7 recovery software, created the recovery disc (USB doesn't even shown in the BIOS) on a DVD-R and ran the software. It seems now that I have a worsened issue with a blue screen showing numerous errors.

The good thing is, is that my folders and files are still undamaged and present on the hard drive, but there's no way to get these on to my 2TB USB backup device.

I've ordered a SATA drive enclosure from Amazon which will arrive tomorrow, so I can at least put the drive inside that and then plug it into my other PC (Windows 10) and get the folders/files copied over. It would be nice if I could backup right now though instead of having to wait. What do I need to to to make the browser/backup software "see" my USB drive? What am I missing here?