Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows help?

After getting an error stating that my laptop had no bootable device, I ordered an Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows cd online. After changing my boot order to cd, I was able to boot to the Easy Recovery Essentials screen. At first, when I went to the recover files option, I was able to view what appeared to be my hard drive. I tried to open a file and got an error (something to the effect of no back door? can't remember the error). Anyway, after going to the automated repair, i went to my HDD and did a restore to an earlier date. Seemed to do something, however my computer would still not boot up. Now when I go to automated repair in Easy Recovery Essentials, I get "the selected partition is corrupted and could not be accessed or repaired" for my HDD.

Any suggestions on what to look for?
Thanks in advance