Easy Recovery - Keyboard and Mouse not working

I just purchased EasyRe… I boot it up.. no keyboard or mouse..

Not wireless or Bluetooth
USB keyboard and mouse.. tried other keyboards and mouse.. no luck
Tired mouse only… no luck
Tired keyboard only .. no luck.. every key pressed only make the numlock blink
Checked bios and tried legacy usb.. no luck.. all combinations fail. I need to complete this by today….

Dell Inspiron 560 desktop..

This is very aggravating… I am a computer professional of 30 years.. usually don’t use “tools” like that. Read good reviews thought I would try it.. need help now!

Mak 2.0

Staff member
You will have to contact the email address listed to get a different version. These disks are not 1 for all and all for 1. Sometimes it requires a different version of the disk due to hardware configurations.