EasyBCD 1.2 Released


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
NeoSmart Technologies is proud to announce the release of EasyBCD 1.2, the ultimate 3rd party Vista bootloader modification utility.

This new version comes with a host of bug-fixes, quite a few new features, and all-around code/size optimizations that make the EasyBCD experience even more enjoyable.

EasyBCD 1.2's biggest improvements are in the Tools | Options menu, where one can literally modify almost any aspect of EasyBCD to make it feel more like home, keeping modifying the bootsector simple and clean, the way it should be.

Version 1.2 also has a more refined user interface, with tweaks and changes in place to make it just work, including the much-requested abilities to configure fonts and default display modes/tabs, resize the window, and more.

Download: EasyBCD 1.2
Screenshots: EBCD Image Gallery

Mad props to Jim Blacksher as our bug buster of the build, thanks for all your help and suggestions Jim!