EasyBCD 1.52 And Foreign Characters

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I just tried out EasyBCD 1.52.2550.18717 and it seems to be a rather useful tool. However, it shows a slight glitch on my German system: I installed Vista on a PC that already had XP on it. The German Vista bootloader calls the entry for legacy Windows "Frühere Windows-Version" (there's an u-umlaut as third character, just in case you don't see it). In EasyBCD it shows up as "Fr here Windows-Version" in overview and detailed display and as "Frhere Windows-Version" in the editors. I don't know what happened if I'd saved that - I didn't dare to.

Greetings from Hannover, Germany, and keep up your great work!
I'm looking into it - that's an interesting bug for sure.

Thanks for finding that, EasyBCD has been tested with many languages, this is the first time we've received feedback from German users however - we'll try to get a new version out before Vista goes consumer :smile:

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, btw, and thanks for your help.

Our EasyBCD roadmap contains localization support (so the entire application will appear in your language of choice), so it's important to get these kinks out of the way before we can finish our regionalization framework :smile:
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