EasyBCD 1.52 Program Failure


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I downloaded version 1.52 from your website. When I launched the .exe mn PC locked up and I had to used Task Manager to kill the process. I then tried vereion 1.51 and had no problems. The file size for version 1.52 is 2,936KB and version 1.52 is 1,824KB. Is is possible that the .exe is bad ? I downloaed the .exe 3 times and all with the same results.

Many thanks

Pablo(2) :frowning:
Hello Pablo,

Is this the setup .exe or the executable .exe? The filesize is correct, we're using advanced compression techniques to bring down the package size.

What error do you get? IF the computer is locked-up, how can you start task manager?

As you can see, I need a bit more details to go on here! :smile: