EasyBCD 1.52 Re-install problems


I uninstalled EasyBCD, but the NST directory was still in C:\ so I manually deleted it. When I later tried to reinstall EasyBCD, the NST folder was not recreated. The only way I could boot into OS X again was to manually create the NST directory and copy the nst_mac.mbr file from C:\Program Files\EasyBCD\nst_mac.mbr into C:\NST. I could not boot into linux because there was no nst_grub.mbr file in the EasyBCD home directory.
Thanks for the bug report, Vinay.
I'm currently out of town, and will be for a while longer. As soon as I'm back at NST, I'll have a look at the code and verify this is the case - it likely is though.
Once the bug is verified a fix will be created and it will be committed for the next release.