EasyBCD 1.7.2 doesn't show drives


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Im trying to dual boot Vista and XP
When I go in EasyBCD to Add/Remove Entries, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 from the drop-down list, I can't choose the drive for XP. I can only do it on Vista/Longhorn
Please help!


I fixed that problem, however, now I can't boot XP because it tells me to fix it (Might be bootloader problem)
In EasyBCD's View Settings tab it shows that XP's bootloader path is \NTLDR, however, I can't see that folder anywhere on my drive.
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You're not supposed to fix the problem, EasyBCD will figure out for itself where the entry should point.

This is all explained in the documentation at Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

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Your missign 3 files. NTLDR, NTDETECT and boot.ini on the boot drive. Unhide all the files including the system protected ones and move them to the boot drive.